2022 "Love in the Club" Earring Collection

2022 "Love in the Club" Earring Collection

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If you know me at all, you know my jewelry is always inspired by something.  I had an idea to put together a collection of earrings perfect for a night out.  Drinking, dancing, and romancing.  Made with silver and black chrome-like beads, these earrings are flashy and will match any fit.  I mean ANY fit.  Whether you're feeling like dancing the night away in LA, Miami, or in your living room, these earrings will be fabulous.

These flirty, striking earrings are SUCH A VIBE.  I know I'm biased, but tell me they are not.  I dare you!  Here are the 9 different pairs:

Gunmetal Black Layered Rectangle Earrings - 3.25” Long

Silver Stacked Disco Ball Earrings - 2.625" Long

Gunmetal Black Circle Trio Dangle Earrings  - 2.75" Long

Silver Heart Earrings - 3.375" Long

Gunmetal Chainmail Earrings - 2.5" Long

Silver Rhinestone Ball & Chain Earrings - 3.375" Long

Gunmetal Black Ball & Chain Earrings - 2.875" Long

Silver Stacked Cube Earrings - 2.5" Long

Gunmetal Black Stacked Heart Earrings - 2.375" Long

If you're confused as to which ones are which, these are listed in order from left to right.  Start with the top row.

All earrings sold are completely NEW and UNWORN.  Hooks, headpins, rings, and chains are all nickel free.